6 W's can make your project management rocking

In your project management, you must have seen various success and failure. In a recent survey , it has found that various IT projects failed in previous 12 month. And there is only one reason behind these failure that is "poor project management". If a project failure , project manager is pointed out for that failure. So, lets make your project management good and always winning skill with these 6 simple W's

Here are 6 Ws that can make your project manager career rocking:

1. Why :

The first "w" that should be taken into consideration is "WHY are we doing this project". By answering this 'w'(why), you will be able to analyse the future scope and profit of the project. This question will lead to your and your client satisfaction level and if both are satisfy then project will automatically become successful. Let take an instance for more understanding of this "Why". On one hand you have a project with very good profit and more clear requirements. And the client is also very potential. Then while you will be more interested and eager to do and complete that project asap to earn more profit and project. And in other hand you are having very low budget project and client is also not potential then you will also show less interest in that project compare to high profit project.

2. What :

The next "w" is "What- WHAT need to do next?" At this stage, you need to determine a number of thing like WHAT milestone will be there? WHAT technology will be best for the project? WHAT will be the deadline of the project?

So, you should list all the "What" for the project at one place with answer. By doing this we will be able to make 40% project plan.

With this "w" , analyse the risk of the project as well by answering these questions: WHAT are the potential risks and WHAT can be done to prevent or overcome them?

3. When :

"WHEN each milestone need to be accomplished to meet the deadline, and WHEN is the last deadline?"

The above two questions are very important to meet the deadline. Always keep few extra days in account so that if any issue occur then can be cover on those days.

4. Who :

Here , you have to decide "WHO will do the project and with whom ?" This part is again important.

You have to assign tasks to team members according to their capabilities. Collaboration is very important at this stage.

5. Where :

WHERE will the project will be done? WHERE are the requirements (raw material) coming from ? WHERE will the project be deliver? These points are also taken care of because these factors will decide the communication channel among team members, you and client.

6. How:

This is that "w" that need to keep in mind from the very first "w". HOW the project will be done?

How will failure or success affect the Company? HOW the project is affecting team ? "HOW" will help you take more accurate answers of the above question.

Project manager's task is not only manage the project but he should also manage his own tasks as well. So you should also ask yourself that HOW will you manage the project? Manually or by using some Project Management tool. From my perspective, go with some Project management tool like to make your work more simpler. Project-nation also come with free trial of 30 days.

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