How to work stress-free ?

Plan Your Day Every Day

As we all know Time once past cannot be brought back. Work without planning leads to lot of wastage of time. So,its a smart approach to spend the first 30 minutes every day to plan your day. Make your day productive by a good start in the morning. By spending time in planning , you can make your work finish on time without any stress. So, give more importance to those 30 minutes of planning. And yes, remember to leave some time to take rest.

You easily so this with calendar in Project Nation. Calendar made by Project Nation is interactive and smart. They are very easy to use and modify. Go to this page to experince the Project Nation's Calendar.

Make Todo Lists and milestones Every Day

Make a list of tasks to be done by keepimg high priority tasks at the top. Tackle hard and important things first. Always keep on motivating yourself so that you can complete your work in predefined time. For this purpose, you can use project tool of Project Nation.

Make a habit to say NO to unnecessary things

It's OK if you say No to your friend asks you to go out for night party and you are having important tasks to do in next morning. Instead yo can convince your friend for another time that works for both of you. Your true friend will surely understand your concern.

Note down your productive hours

Find out whether you work more efficient in morning or night. If you work in your productive hours then you can work more efficiently. The time when you are too tired or feeling hungry may be non-productive.

Concentrate on Task

Concentration environment is very important to work efficiently. While you are working on a task so focus on that task only because that time is for only that particular task.
Keep your phone away, stop surfing the internet unnecessarily and don't check emails (unless you need to for the work you're doing) while working on partcular task.

This habit will make your work to be finish soon and efficiently.

Give Rest to your Brain

Yes,work is important and need to be done on time but it doesn't mean that you have to work the whole day and night to complete that work. Brain also need rest. So, take proper sleep to be healthy and perform better.

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