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Project-Nation is more than just a project mangement tool, it's a way of managing your business.

Manage projects, clients, team members at one place

It's easy to manage project by assigning tasks to your team members. You also set permissions for clients. You can easily track working hours of the team member. Project management is having great feature to manage the leaves of team members also. Its accounting feature helps you to keep track of companies payments and expenses. You can get paid by sending invoices to your client through Project Nation.

Project Management

Now document your project in an easy way

As we all know project documentation is very important for any project to keep record of its client’s requirement, change of order and project hurdles etc. Also, it’s quite boring to make documentation of a project so Project Nation has a solution to this problem. Its having easy to use its editor to document your project and it automatically organize documentation in a well structure so that anyone can understand it easily.

One Minute Setup

Easy to setup and use

Project Nation is providing one minute setup project management online tool. All you need to do is to login to your account and start creating projects. You can put all the information at one place from project management to team collaboration, payroll to invoice management and time tracker to leave management.

Easy Setup

No need to worrying to remember all the details

Project Nation's reminder feature automatically alerts to remind about upcoming tasks and approaching milestones. Project Nation send notifications via email if any update takes place in your project. You can also view all the notification at one place in the dashboard.

Constant Updates

Project Management

Manage your projects in efficient way using Project Nation’s powerful tools. Create tasks in each project separately and assign those tasks to your team members. Create milestones to achieve the deadlines. Let your team members comment on tasks and get notifications for all important events. Monitor activity logs of each project separately.
Get all the information of a project at one glance!

Project Documentation

As it’s very important to keep track of project in written documents for future references but it’s very hectic and boring work. But now you can make project documentation by saving your comments/ important note and attach files time to time with progress of the project. Product Documentation tool present your project documentation in a well managed format so that it will be easy and interested to read it.
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Client Management

Manage your clients from each aspect. Manage each detail information about client like contacts, projects, invoices, payments, estimates, tickets and notes of each client. Provide each of your client with separate dashboard to check updates of their projects.
Let your clients to create tasks and get feedback instantly.

Manage Team members

Add team members to projects respectively. Assign tasks to team members and check the status easily. Track hours spent by each team member on particular project by using time cards . You can set different permissions on their account access. Manage leaves of team members by using leave management application.
Show me team management tool!

Give Extra support to your client

Let your clients create support tickets for their project and get notified by web notifications and emails. Assign team members to tickets and start tracking the status.
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No need to install time trackers

Log on working hours online by using time cards of Project Nation. No need to install any desktop application to log time.
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Private Messaging

No need to install extra messengers for communication among team and clients. Project Nation is having its own private messaging system. Do instant communication by sending private messages to team members and clients. No need to install any application on your desktop.
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Clock-in and Clock-out for team

Keep check on leaves of team members by using Project Nation’s leave management feature . • Tap clock-in when reach office. • Tap clock-out when leaving office. • You can set the IP to restrict the time card access from outside. • Team member can apply for leaves on Project-Nation and specify their reasons. • The project manager gets a notification and decides whether leave is to be assigned or declined. Team member see the approval or disapproval status on their apps. • Team member or project manager can also cancel or modify leaves.

Save 12 hours a month on invoicing

Keep track of each payment for your efforts. Send invoices to your clients with attached PDF copy of the invoice directly from the tool. Set auto send loop for unpaid invoice.

Never miss a single thing, get notified each time

Get notified about new tasks, meetings, client feedback, leaves and project update right from the beautiful dashboard. You don’t need to look up for things, now things will look up for you.

Track your expenses and incomes.

Browse all incomes at a place and also take control of the expenses. View expense and payments demographic comparison.

Flexible event calendar

Create your events, meetings or holiday list and share with team members.
Mark your schedule in calendar.
You will now never forget your events, meetings or anything.

Private Notes

Take notes on anything, save your ideas and plans. Store your private notes and access easily at first glance on your dashboard.

No need to compromise. Get that, what you need.

Keep control of each and everything.
Customize your account as you need.

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